Hey! How you doing?

I´m a comic artist from Argentina. I´ve been making comics since a few years with different writers I had the chance to meet on Digital Webbing and Twitter. Most of those comics featured zombies, creatures, ghosts and psychos. I´m a big fan of the horror genre.

I’ve worked for :

Freaktown Comics – Loser City – Krupoviesa – Romina Cohn – Maten al Mensajero – Alejandro Soifer – Milena Caserola – Artezeta – Revista Velociraptors – Revista Alrededores – Letra Impresa  – BE Story Club – Giantess Club – Incubator Press – Hamtramck Idea Men

Well, I guess that´s all by now.

Let me know if you have any questions or projects in mind.

Write me to: contact @ cjcamba.com